About NKMI

The Nuclear Knowledge Management Institute based in Vienna is a training, research and consulting institution in nuclear knowledge management, bundling the competencies, experiences and resources of Knowledge Management Austria with the leading experts in Nuclear Knowledge Management. The mission is to develop excellence in Nuclear KM for a safe, secure and sustainable use of nuclear energy.We are experts in Nuclear Knowledge Management ourselves and we cooperate with other pioneers in this field as consultants, trainers and researchers. For our projects we bring together the best Nuclear KM teams in the world. Our work is clearly committed to the standards of the International Atomic Energy Ageny (IAEA), which guarantees, that the methods and procedures meet the requirements of the leading authority.

The NMKI offers the first nongovernmental education program in Nuclear Knowledge Management with a Certification. Additionally special inhouse-trainings are given related to specific challenges in Nuclear KM. Through research activities we develop innovative instruments for the safety, security and sustainability of nuclear knowledge.

Nuclear knowledge is unique in many ways: it is complex, involving high development costs, often requiring significant governmental support. It must be developed and retained over a long time frame, and special constraints exist due to the dual - peaceful and non-peaceful - nature of nuclear technologies. The managing of nuclear knowledge is difficult, but it can be learned and it has to be learned - it does not appear on its own.
Nuclear Knowledge Management is an integrated, systematic approach applied to all stages of the nuclear knowledge cycle, including its identification, sharing, protection, dissemination, transfer and preservation. It is a challenge not only for nuclear companies but also for nations being responsible for the safe, secure and sustainable use of nuclear knowledge. This interdisciplinary task demands for an elaborated methodology combined with experienced experts in the nuclear field.


NKMI Managing Directors