Services overview

The Nuclear Knowledge Management Institute is working in three areas: Education, Consulting and Research



The Nuclear Knowledge Management Institute provides an integrated and ambitious program in a compact way enabling companies to establish nuclear km units and –programs professionally. The cooperation with the IAEA guarantees, that only internationally approved concepts, methodologies and instruments are taught at the state of the art and that the international requirements, standards and guidelines are considered.
The Nuclear KM Academy offers both an open program and inhouse programs tailored to the specific needs of countries or companies. The Certification Course with its 2 modules lasting for 12 days offers a comprehensive and sound basis for the implementation of nuclear km programs. The Certificate of the Nuclear KM Institute confirms the learning success of the participants. The special seminars complement the Certification Course deepening the knowledge in selected topics.


The Nuclear KM Institute offers consulting services to companies, research organizations and nations in the nuclear field. We bring together the most experienced experts in the world to establish comprehensive km programs including the development and implementation of nuclear km strategies and operational instruments like KM Assessments, knowledge reports, knowledge portals and much more.
Our consulting services are based on the standards and methodologies of the International Atomic Energy Agency, which guarantees, that all the recommendations are in line with the requirements of the authority.

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The research activities of the Nuclear Knowledge Management Institute are dedicated to safety, security and sustainability of the nuclear energy. We aim to develop methods and procedures to reduce the risks of nuclear energy for the world.
To give an example: The Nuclear Knowledge Report is an instrument, developed by the NKM Institute. It challenges the nuclear organizations by reporting on their knowledge to the most relevant stakeholders – the public, the authorities, the employees and the shareholders. The open dialogue on the nuclear knowledge with concrete success factors and indicators is a critical success factor for the sustainability of nuclear energy providers.


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