NKM course - introduction of KM in IMS of Nuclear Regulatory Organizations


NKM course - introduction of KM in IMS of Nuclear Regulatory Organizations


Take a leading role in the implementation of an integrated Knowledge Management System!
Knowledge Management has become a requirement for any nuclear organization. The IAEA as well as ISO have included explicitly clauses on KM into their standards.

Nuclear Regulators should be a role model for the implementation of Knowledge Management within the integrated management system, as the competence of the regulator directly impacts the level of competence in the nuclear sector. Additionally, regulators have to be competent in licensing and inspecting knowledge management programmes of nuclear facilities. Finally regulators play an important role in the nuclear knowledge ecosystem in the country and cares for knowledge-based safety, security and sustainability. The course is aimed at helping regulators to understand the challenges of knowledge management and knowledge economy and to take responsible action for its own organization and for the country.


  • Meeting the challenges in knowledge management as a nuclear regulator
  • Integrating knowledge management in the integrated management system
  • Licencing and inspecting knowledge management programmes of nuclear facilities
  • Manage the nuclear knowledge ecosystem and maintain knowledge supply for the country


Dr. Andreas Brandner, NKMI; Prof. Dr. Yanko Yanev, NKMI; Prof. Dr. Andrey Kosilov; NKMI; Prof. Dr. Abel Gonzalez, ICRP; Dr. Miroslav Lipar, LCNS

Dates & Venue

The next training will take place in October 2018 (daily 9:00 to 17:00, exact dates tbd) at Vienna Tech Gate (next to the IAEA), Donau-City-Straße 1, 1220 Vienna, Austria

Participation fee

1.290 Euros (not including 20% VAT).

Information and Tailoring

The NKMI is willing to customise and tailor  the training focus towards your business needs. This training can also be offered as an inhouse-training.

Information and Contact

NKMI Nuclear Knowledge Management Institute Gersthofer Strasse 162, 1180 Vienna, Austria T: +43.1.4702909-0; F: +43.1.4702909-34; E: office@nuclear-km.org; www.nuclear-km.org