NKM Certification course


NKM Certification course


The Certificate Program in Nuclear Knowledge Management with its 2 modules is the essential qualification as a Nuclear Knowledge Manager. It provides the knowledge to establish and improve nuclear knowledge management programs in a nuclear power company. The Certificate is an acknowledgement of the Nuclear Knowledge Management Institute for the high level education in nuclear knowledge management. It confirms, that its holder…

  • knows the concept, requirements, methods, instruments and documents in nuclear knowledge management,
  • has learned about best practices and practical experiences,
  • has built a positive relationship with the most experienced experts in the field of nuclear knowledge management,
  • is able to apply the learnings to the own context.

The NKMI Concept

Define Policies and Strategies in Nuclear Knowledge Management
Grow Human Resources and improve Knowledge Transfer
Implement Methods and Tools for Nuclear Knowledge Management
Network for Education, Training and Learning
Learn with the Pioneers in Nuclear Knowledge Management
Based on the methodology and guidance on the IAEA

The Certification Course includes

the participation in the 2 modules lasting 12 days together
the supervision and support to develop a case study for the own organization through the experts of the NKMI and
a written and oral test.
Finally the participant receives the Nuclear Knowledge Management Certificate of the NKMI.

The trainers of this Certification Course are the world-wide elite in the field of Nuclear Knowledge Management. With years of experience in the IAEA, in the nuclear industry and in Knowledge Management they form a unique group, facilitating the implementation of NKM according to the IAEA-standards and guidelines.
Module 1: Knowledge Management and Leadership
General overview, challenges and opportunities
Politics, Strategy & Organization
Assessing, Measuring and Communicating Knowledge
Human Resource Management and Development
Knowledge Sharing
Reflection and transfer
Module 2: Knowlegdge Processes and Media
Knowledge Processes; KM in Business Processes
Learning in Processes, from Projects and Incidents
Information and Documentation
Knowledge Portals and Tools
Innovation Management, Creativity Techniques
Reflection & Transfer